Fearless Fitness SHOP


Our mission

High quality and customer satisfaction in every purchase. It is our top priority to deliver high end fashionable fitness apparel so you can look and feel your best. Work on you and be fearless my friend.

Our values

Quality over quantity
Products variety
Quality check
Positive ecology impact

about us

The Fearless Fitness Shop was started by Raven Bernard on August 19 2020. She is an active duty military mom of 4 and a serial entrepreneur. Only 3 weeks postpartum Raven decided that she wanted to start out on a new adventure and challenge herself, so she came up with the fearless team. Started out with only 2 people on her team doing virtual workouts, in less than 2 weeks her team grew to 10 people and nevertheless she had the brilliant idea to start creating fitness gear to make everyone feel good and look good while burning calories.  “I always have brilliant ideas but this one hit me out of nowhere and I ran with it.  I was on the phone with my sister that is a fitness guru and I was telling her that she should consider fitness more and start her own business helping people achieve their fitness goals”.  Raven jumped on the idea that fitness clothing is a perfect startup and she took a brave step and started her research on how to master the fitness apparel business. Join Raven on her journey to becoming the next major fitness company.